You want to buy a home in Lake Havasu and you’re looking for a trusted mortgage broker to assist you through the process. You remember the stories you’ve heard about how stressful and confusing the process can be when it comes to refinancing, receiving a home loan, or purchasing a home on its own.

Fear not friends, with Mohave Mortgage, we’re taking the mystery out of the mortgage business so that you can make informed decisions. Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for the most ideal mortgage rate, or you want to refinance your home, we offer loan programs for your financial needs. Mohave Mortgage is tall on integrity and short on fees, and our doors are always open.

Our job is to connect you with the best loan programs and lenders. As a broker, it’s what we do best. 

Work With a Mortgage Broker With Top Ratings & Reputation

When it comes to entrusting a business with your finances, reputation matters.

Mohave Mortgage inspires top ratings among users with 5-star ratings across Google and Yelp. Our clients know that they’re our priority. We believe in a doors-open approach to mortgage broker services, making sure all your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed. This way you can move forward with confidence as you make plans and decisions for your future.

Because we have built an impeccable record based on integrity and fair business practices, we have a reputation as a top mortgage broker Arizona as well as being chosen as Lake Havasu’s Chamber of Commerce 2021 Business of the Year!

Contact our Lake Havasu mortgage brokers today and let us show you the difference working with the experts at Mohave Mortgage!

What Mohave Mortgage Does Best

Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for highly competitive mortgage rates, or you want to refinance your home, we offer loan programs for your financial needs.


Purchasing a home can be intimidating. There are many steps, timelines, and hands involved in the transaction. At Mohave Mortgage, we make home loans simple and are here to walk with you through every step of the way seamlessly.


If rates have dropped since you last financed your home, speak to one of our loan professionals to find an ideal refinance rate for your needs.

When you’re ready to refinance in Arizona, Mohave Mortgage makes it easy. We’ll walk you through your refinance options so that you can make well-informed decisions with professional guidance. Our staff of mortgage lending professionals are standing by to assist you as you make important and impactful decisions about your finances, your family and your future.

Conventional Loans

Conventional is the most common type of home loan program available which is a great option if you have a solid credit score and minimal debt. You are our priority at Mohave Mortgage, and we listen to you and your lending needs. Our primary goal is to position you in the right home loan specifically suited for you.

FHA Loans

If you’re looking at FHA loan options, we understand the home loan process can feel overwhelming. With our help, you won’t have to stress about finding the right home loan.

With an FHA loan, you may put as little as 3.5% as a down payment on your home. First time homebuyers also have an opportunity to qualify for down payment assistance!

VA Loans

VA loans are complex, and we can help you navigate these intricacies. If you qualify for a VA Loan, there are benefits available to you that we can help you take advantage of. If you have questions about mortgage rates, the best mortgage lenders, refinance rates, or any other aspect of VA loans in Lake Havasu, our staff of professional mortgage brokers are glad to help you with them.

VA loans have 100% financing available. Another benefit is no mortgage insurance!

At Mohave Mortgage, you’re not just another loan number to us. We are here to help you find the most ideal Conventional, FHA and VA loans for purchase and refinance transactions while creating a lasting connection with you. At Mohave Mortgage, we close quickly, are local, highly qualified, and extremely competitive on rates!

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